Aboriginal Education
At the high school level, our goal is to offer a spectrum of courses with a First Nations focus that students can take to complement their studies and use toward their high school diploma. These courses are used to gain cross cultural understanding and build positive relations for future interactions.

Aboriginal Student Advocates

The Advocates provide a wide range of support for our Aboriginal students. The following is a small portion of the type of support they can offer.
  • Provide emotional, social, academic, behavioral​ & cultural support to students. 
  • Provide links between home and school. 
  • Work closely with teachers and other personnel to plan effectively for students. 
  • Help students with goal setting and career planning. 
  • Monitor attendance Aboriginal students and facilitate improvement​.


Advocatee-Mail Contact​@ OKM
​Femi Vrtarfemi.vrtar@sd23.bc.ca ​Monday-Thursday